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Announcing The Elder Scrolls Online For Mac.

Friday, May 4th, 2012

Some news… I can finally announce what I have been working on the last 2 years … I have been busy porting The Elder Scrolls Online to Mac ( OS X ).

See announcement here.

and… main sites up now

ESO Logo Link

SCAM – Mateen Pekan – Getting Out OF BUSINESS, Selling All Rights ( 200 Apps )

Saturday, March 3rd, 2012

I really should note that I was able to get all my money back easily buy using a CC for the purchase. I never risked actual Cash etc on this.

Since the original thread seems to have disappeared on Touch Arcade(?)
I am restarting my own follow up thread.

Original thread screen shot:

BTW before anyone says anything I paid with credit card and in the US
that give me no risk, So I can get my money back… but really thats not the
point at this stage.

— Email Chain —

Perfect! I will get everything ready now

After 72hrs (when paypal clears the payment)

I will send you everything

Mateen Pekan
Future Apps Are Now Here

( on paypal )

They haven’t they have limited my account, and have postponed it I cant receive or do anything with my paypal, they have literally froze my account , im really sorry about the wait

Mateen Pekan

well when they limit they literally freeze everything

i have called them today , and they are asking for some info for me to clear things up

will let u posted

Mateen Pekan

Can you take the money out, and send to my new one? [email][/email]

Its giving me a huge issue and whenever I fix a problem , a new one opens …. This way you can have your things faster,

Let me know

I’m very very sorry , paypal is a pain in the ass

Mateen Pekan

I know it’s a problem on my side, and I’m very sorry but don’t you worry , I will include something for all the wait youv done.

I’m trying to resolve the issue

Thank you for your patience

Mateen Pekan

can you cancel the payment?

Mateen Pekan

no i created a completley new one


ok perfect i will include some extra templates because of all this wait ;)

Mateen Pekan

( 3 weeks later second payment delivered by paypal )
( Actual Scamming starts here ) :)

went fine and everything is ready to be uploaded but im sorry , the upload fee for everything and costs of upload is high im not sure if you still want to go through with this

there is over 30gb total of uploading to do

the price for uploading and sending everything to you will cost $500

this is because we need to open a secure server, upload all of it and keep it there and you download from it

which all costs money and we cant afford to loose

Mateen Pekan

( Lets have the itunes account log in first? )

it is all in one , i cant just give you the logins because i had created a zip with all links to it and there are procedures to take when converting the itunes apps to your own name (name change, tax, bank info) etc

so its all in this massive zip

you will recieve:

- account info
- tutorial
- all source codes
- all website info
- mobile me account
- and much more

Mateen Pekan

please send the $500 to [email][/email]

(another paypal connected to upload buddy)

Mateen Pekan

like i said it is all linked no can do , the fee for uploads is when my internet taking up gb upload which every gb i get charged for

does not matter if it is my server or yours

if youd like to cancel this transaction please let me know we can do that and i can sell all rights to someone else like i said i need this off my hands asap

Mateen Pekan

chris i understand that you are upset

please just open a paypal dispute and you will recieve your $1000 and you will have full refund

i am very sorry

So after doing some more research Mateen seems to be a kid about 14-15 years old.
He started coding and scamming on the game salad forums back in 2010.

also see [url][/url]

“Reza Pekan
I am a 13 year old iPhone, iPod , iPad developer in Ottawa (just letting everyone know)”

In conclusion this is my fun adventure for the last few weeks :)
Take it as a warning

Whois info for the scammers / Names and Address and phone #…

Address look up

R Pekan ( Reza Pekan )
(613) 521-5963
2871 Otterson Dr
Ottawa, ON K1V 7A9

2871 Otterson Dr
Ottawa, Ontario K1V7A9

Registered through: Go Daddy
Created on: 17-Aug-10
Expires on: 17-Aug-12
Last Updated on: 30-Jun-11

Administrative Contact:
Pekan, Reza
2871 Otterson Dr
Ottawa, Ontario K1V7A9
6135215963 Fax –

Technical Contact:
Pekan, Reza
2871 Otterson Dr
Ottawa, Ontario K1V7A9
6135215963 Fax –

Domain servers in listed order:

Follow us on twitter

Friday, March 5th, 2010

Now follow us on twitter.


Thursday, December 3rd, 2009

Mouse House 2 was featured on the iPhone’s “HOT NEW GAMES” Section!
and of course it is now quickly climbing the charts in the US.

From off the RPG chart to 56 in 2 days.

Mouse House 2

Friday, September 18th, 2009

Mouse House 2 has shipped for iPhone!

40 levels,  2.99$,   Get it here iTunes



Wednesday, July 29th, 2009

Sales: Mouse House is selling an average of $6.50 A day the last 2 months on the App Store. It basically sells a few copies every day at $2.99, primarily to the US. I will be retuning the Lite version soon and trying to get the average sales up to $8.

Wii: Mouse House and BANG2D engine are fully ported to Wii now. MH for Wii-ware… is in beta 4. Mostly Im waiting on the publisher to wrap things up. Then we ship it off to Nintendo for Lot Check ( technical check ). MH will be out sometime before Christmas.

Jobs: After self funding Mouse House for Wii I finally find myself considering getting a day job or taking on a lot more iPhone or Web contracting work for a while.  I need something like 40-60k to run the company for another year. Mouse House Wii will not pay royalties till next year. Even releasing Mouse House 2 here soon and a few other puzzle games before Christmas is unlikely to fill that gap. My thoughts so far tend towards web application server development, which is honestly about x10 easier then any game development I have ever done. It would be almost relaxing after the Wii :)    Another option is trying to leverage BANG2D Game engine for either iPhone or Wii development work, which has the added side effect of letting me build on my own tech while delivering products.  I guess the 3rd option is finding an angel investor interested in indie game development on the iPhone / Wii.

Resume: I posted my resume online here

Have Interesting job offers?
Want to help Bootstrap Plaid World to the next level?
Have flash games you need ported to iPhone or Wii?
Drop me an email….

Mouse House 2: Mouse House 2 for iphone should be out in the next month. At that point we will try some cross promotion inside our apps.

The Surge is over! Long live the Surge!

Tuesday, March 10th, 2009

Looks like Mouse House sales are about back to where they started before ijiggle.

Here is a final graph.

Wii Update 2

Sunday, February 22nd, 2009

Mouse House is now fully playable on the Wii.

Nintendo has granted us preliminary accecptance to be on Wiiware also.

Mouse House Ships off to Ninteno around april 14th.

Mouse House Updated to 1.1.1

Sunday, January 11th, 2009


  1. Sped up engine hit detection a bit.
  2. Removed the annoying confirmation boxes about using GPS location.


Monday, December 22nd, 2008

 iPhone Shot 1


Software Development On The iPhone

St. Cloud, Minnesota – April 30, 2008 – An experienced software development team is seeking funding to bring networked applications for Mac / Windows / Linux to the iPhone using their new cross-platform engines, Bang 2D and Bang3D.

The current software marketplace is witnessing the convergence of two trends; the popularity of networked software applications and the arrival of the iPhone as a standard mobile platform. Plaid World is set to take advantage of this opportunity with its cross-platform development tools.

With years of experience, Plaid World believes in designing tools and technology geared towards solving a class of problems versus one-shot application solutions. To this end they have developed two robust, multi-platform software engines allowing for:

• Rapid Development Cycles.
• Development with small teams, minimizing development costs and maximizing revenue potential.
• Simultaneously release across multiple platforms.

The purpose of these tools is to level the playing field between creative teams and programmers, allowing the development of full-featured software with little or no traditional programming.

With Bang 2D and Bang 3D, Plaid World is primed and ready to rocket into position as a leading mobile application developer. Plaid World is seeking interested parties to invest funds needed to get its software ready for the first round of iPhone applications made available to the public.

Plaid World Studios LLC is a Limited Liability Company located in St. Cloud, MN. Plaid World’s President, Chris Dillman, has published multiple products beginning with Final Impact in 1993.

Parties interested in learning more about Plaid World LLC, BANG 2D and BANG 3D should contact Chris Dillman at

See iPhone