Sales: Mouse House is selling an average of $6.50 A day the last 2 months on the App Store. It basically sells a few copies every day at $2.99, primarily to the US. I will be retuning the Lite version soon and trying to get the average sales up to $8.

Wii: Mouse House and BANG2D engine are fully ported to Wii now. MH for Wii-ware… is in beta 4. Mostly Im waiting on the publisher to wrap things up. Then we ship it off to Nintendo for Lot Check ( technical check ). MH will be out sometime before Christmas.

Jobs: After self funding Mouse House for Wii I finally find myself considering getting a day job or taking on a lot more iPhone or Web contracting work for a while.  I need something like 40-60k to run the company for another year. Mouse House Wii will not pay royalties till next year. Even releasing Mouse House 2 here soon and a few other puzzle games before Christmas is unlikely to fill that gap. My thoughts so far tend towards web application server development, which is honestly about x10 easier then any game development I have ever done. It would be almost relaxing after the Wii :)    Another option is trying to leverage BANG2D Game engine for either iPhone or Wii development work, which has the added side effect of letting me build on my own tech while delivering products.  I guess the 3rd option is finding an angel investor interested in indie game development on the iPhone / Wii.

Resume: I posted my resume online here

Have Interesting job offers?
Want to help Bootstrap Plaid World to the next level?
Have flash games you need ported to iPhone or Wii?
Drop me an email….

Mouse House 2: Mouse House 2 for iphone should be out in the next month. At that point we will try some cross promotion inside our apps.

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